5 Ways to Earn Extra Income In 2020

When you decide you’re done feeling the burden of debt, you may find the first steps hard to take. It may feel incredibly difficult because you already have no extra income to go toward eliminating it. You’re not alone. Many who commit to eliminating debt start to look for ways to earn extra income and get debt paid off faster. We have found several legitimate ways to help earn extra income and get yourself out of debt more quickly.

The Burden of Debt

A 2019 analysis of consumer debt found that it continues to rise as Americans continue to take on more credit cards, student loans, auto loans, and mortgages. As of September 2019, revolving credit card balances reached $443.96 billion. That’s nearly a 6% increase from the year before and over 34% increase from the past five years.

Debt Relief As You Earn Extra Income

Essentially, when you’re looking to come up with more money to pay off your debt, you’ll look in two directions: making more money and spending less.

But when you already are spending less money, and the debt continues to increase due to overwhelming interest rates, you might decide you want to earn extra income to give yourself some relief. Bringing in extra money to pay off debt is always a wise choice if feasible. Don’t be discouraged if you look at some of the opportunities to earn extra income as just a few dollars here and there. Even an additional $20-$30 a month can make a significant dent toward your debt, especially if it’s consistent and regular extra income.

5 Popular Ways to Earn Extra Income to Pay Off Debt

While more and more careers seem to be ones that are commuter-based, that may not be an option for you. You may just be looking for what many call a ‘side hustle’ and want to bring in extra income with legitimate work you can do in addition to your already full-time job.

Check a few of these out!

1. Sell Unused/Unneeded Things

Don’t discount this one so quickly. Sales and yard sales groups fill up today’s social media feed and you can make some real cash from them if you try. Of course, you can always utilize the big sales sites like eBay, CraigsList, ThredUp, Poshmark, and Tradesy, but, many find their local neighborhood/parent sales groups to be a great way to get rid of things you’re no longer using and make some extra money too. Think about it…it’s been in your closet for years. Even if you sell it for $10, that’s $10 more than it makes you sitting around. Take a long weekend to go through and purge, and then get to listing on local groups.

2. Become an Online Teacher

Today, the market for tutoring and teaching online is hotter than ever. That’s thanks to the tremendous success of companies like TutorMe, Outschool, and VipKid. Often, those opportunities are flexible in times (or are at timeframes that go against the traditional U.S. 9-5 schedule), so you can fit a class or two in feasibly every day. Some work-at-home-parents use those sites for full-time jobs, and they’re great for side cash to pay off debt.

3. Marketing Through Affiliate Platforms

Don’t be scared of this idea, especially if you’re already big into social media/Internet usage. Lots of people post about the foods they eat, the clothes they wear, the places they go, and the things they do. Get hooked up with some affiliate marketing sites like Rakuten LinkShare, ClickBank, LoveMyStyle, and even Amazon. You can earn income every time you post on something that guides your friends and followers to click on a company’s link. It’s passive, but if you’re making the post anyway, something to consider.

4. Care for Pets, People, or Homes

People are spending more money on their pets than ever. You can bring in a pretty decent daily rate by walking or caring for pets when their owners are unavailable. Many pet parents hire people for lunchtime walks and interaction, or overnight care when they’re on vacation. You may find you can fit those needs in with your full-time job (or make it a full-time job as some do) and bring in extra money. Rover and Wag are two of the most popular sites for this.

The same can be said for helping with childcare. Parents are more apt to hire adults for childcare, particularly before/after school care. Getting set up with a service like can help match you to people who need the available time slots you have.

If you’re flexible with your time, you can even earn extra income watching houses for those who are out of town or vacation. One popular website,, estimates their customers pay up to $50 or so a day for house sitting. That doesn’t often mean much more than checking mail, watering plants, and sleeping overnight in the home to ensure all is well.

5. Freelance Your Talent

The world is becoming more comfortable with telecommuting. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are allowing people to use their talents and skills in flexible job opportunities. Particularly great for those with programming, designing, virtual assisting, copywriting, or translating abilities. The amount of extra income you can earn is only limited to your availability and negotiation.

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5 Ways To Earn Extra Income

Consider Debt Settlement as a Positive Solution

While attempts to earn extra income are noble and can be quite helpful, sometimes the weight of your debt is too heavy. At UmbrellaDEBT Relief, we’re skilled in helping you settle your debt and take steps toward living a debt-free life. Our debt specialists will work with you and your creditors to negotiate agreements and work for the most affordable payment options. If you’re struggling with debt and your attempts to earn extra income isn’t enough, contact UmbrellaDEBT Relief and let us help.


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