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Debt Relief Credit Card

If you are burdened by unsecured debt and want to avoid filing for bankruptcy, UmbrellaDEBT may be able to help. We have experienced debt negotiators who will work with creditors on your behalf. Our program may help you with the following types of debts; credit card, unsecured personal loans, collection accounts, and medical bills. This is not a complete list, so if you have additional debt that you would like to have reviewed please reach out!

We do not handle secured debt such as mortgages and car loans.  Tax debts and Federal student loans are also excluded. 

We will come up with a debt relief plan after analyzing your monthly budget. Do not spend one more day carrying the burden of unsecured debt! Your debt will not go away overnight but getting started down that path is the right start. There are a lot of things you can do to get out of debt. It is our job at UmbrellaDEBT to show you how.

The staff members at UmbrellaDEBT are caring and compassionate people who will never judge or criticize your financial problems. We understand that having credit card debt does not make our customers bad people!

The 2 main programs offered at UmbrellaDEBT are debt negotiation and debt consolidation:

The staff at UmbrellaDEBT can help with consolidating your debt which may combine all of your monthly payments into one convenient payment each month. This strategy may significantly lower your interest rates and possibly your monthly payments.

Unsecured debt negotiation involves working on your behalf with your creditors to negotiate a reduction in the current amount owed.  The staff at UmbrellaDEBT has years of experience doing this for our customers. This strategy may drastically reduce your monthly payment and save you thousands of dollars. 

UmbrellaDEBT understands that each customer’s case is different. We will work hard and thoroughly to educate you on all of the options available so that you are making the best decision for you.  Speaking with us cost you nothing and we will provide free quotes for the programs you may qualify for. 

UmbrellaDEBT takes customer privacy very seriously and we promise to protect all of your information. We would never share or sell a customer’s information. Do not put off resolving your unsecured debt one more day. Let UmbrellaDEBT show you the way out. For more information about our debt relief program call 1-855-958-0851 or fill out your information in the contact us box.

Debt Relief Credit Card
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