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Debt Settlement Companies

Debt negotiation offers you an incredible way to reduce your debt. Debt Relief companies help negotiate with creditors on behalf of the customer to reduce the debt they owe. At UmbrellaDEBT, we offer various debt consolidation and debt negotiation options to consumers. For several years, we have acted as an intermediary between creditors and consumers. We have helped a lot of customers negotiate their unsecured debts. With this, you can pay less than you owe and get out of debt!

What Do Debt Relief Companies Do?

A debt relief company is a third party between a creditor and a consumer. They are in charge of helping consumers sort out their debt issues. Their goal is to negotiate a payoff amount for less than what the consumer currently owes.

As an example:

A Consumer may have a $20,000.00 credit card debt.  Our experienced team of negotiators will reach out to that creditor and attempt to negotiate a settlement payment of $10,000.00.  Once accepted, the remaining $10,000.00 will be written off as a loss by that creditor. 


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For more information about our debt negotiation services, contact us today at UmbrellaDEBT. We are one of the most reliable debt relief companies and we always put the consumer first! 

Debt Settlement Companies
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