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Online Cheque

With modern payment methods becoming dominated by bank transfers or debit cards, some people rarely even handle checks. Fortunately, most financial institutions support them and they may even be used via the internet.

Can you pay using cheques online?

It’s actually not that difficult to use cheques online, although credit or debit would be preferred. An online cheque can be used with a bank’s online application or website, in which you will scan it and submit the payee details.

As long as your computer or mobile device is secure, it should be just as safe as cashing a check through a local branch. Depending on the financial institutions, fees may apply and minimum cheque amounts may be enforced. The quality of your camera may matter when uploading cheques so make sure that the images are clear and high quality enough to be accepted by the application.

Depending on the bank, there may be varying cashing times and caps on how many checks you can cash within a certain time frame. There also may be security flags if you try to cash a check from an unknown location or with an unusually high amount.

To make things go smoothly with your online cheque, it is recommended to endorse the cheque. Details on the back of the check may include your signature, your bank account number, and other information about your bank.

Can I Order More Cheques Online?

Cheques may easily be purchased online, like with our online store. Depending on if you order in bulk, you can save a great deal than purchasing cheques through your financial institution. If you need to send out cheques in bulk like if you have a business, the savings really add up.

Why are cheques still used?

There are a plethora of reasons why people still use checks, whether it’s for personal preference or practical reasons. Regardless of the reasoning, most businesses still accept them and banks still make them available to clients.

Many of those in the older generations are still keen on using paper and pencil because they may find technology difficult, insecure or unreliable. For this reason, many businesses will process cheques as a payment method. There is also a distrust of financial institutions and technology in general, which also explains why people like to keep wealth in collectibles or gold coins.

You may also consider that writing a check has sentimental value for some people as it leaves a physical signature and the company’s mark with it. It holds a similar value as business cards in that regard.

Some people also like having paper records of bills being paid as a means to mitigate future disputes. If you own a business, you can send off checks in the mail to your contractors and leave physical proof of payment.


Cheque usage is down more than ever but it still holds firm with a portion of the population around the world. If you would like to order bulk checks, check out our online store.

Online Cheque
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