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Roundup Class Action Lawsuit Payout

Roundup Class Action Lawsuit Payout

You won’t believe the size of the recent Roundup class action lawsuit payout- nearly $300 Million in compensation for victims exposed to the product Roundup. As Monsanto continues paying out for their negligent actions, victims with claims can contact Your Case Worth to find out about upcoming opportunities to file their case in court. Don’t be discouraged by Monsanto’s seemingly untouchable presence in the global market- their crimes have come to an end, and they are now being forced to pay out significantly for the harm they’ve caused.

What Are Monsanto’s Crimes?

There is a long list of crimes Monsanto committed during their long reign in business; some of their well-known criminal activities include:

  • Selling Roundup after reports found it caused cancer
  • Bankrupting entire towns and villages across India
  • Lying about Roundup’s safety
  • Corrupting heirloom seed crops
  • Forcing individual farmers into bankruptcy
  • Lobbying to politicians
  • Misleading consumers about the safety of genetically-engineered seeds
  • Falsifying reports and documents
  • Claiming their goal was to end world hunger when their only concern was their bottom line

Is Monsanto Financially Responsible?

Monsanto has nearly one trillion dollars in its holdings and has been found in many courts around the country to be liable for the harm caused by their negligent and intentional actions. In fact, Monsanto is not just financially responsible for what they’ve done, but they may face a tribunal of their peers for criminal acts, as well. Some experts compare the upcoming tribunal to the Nuremberg Trials when Nazi war criminals faced their peers for the horrendous crimes they perpetrated against humanity. Monsanto’s crimes have been more subtle, but no less damaging to mankind.

Your Roundup Class Action Lawsuit Payout

You might worry that with so many victims seeking compensation, there is not enough money to go around. You should know that Monsanto has enough money in its current holdings to pay every victim in excess of several millions of dollars. Don’t take advice from friends or family or listen to what Monsanto says about its net worth- contact Your Case Worth to determine the strength of your claim and to have your case added to an upcoming suit. You could receive a significant Roundup Class Action Lawsuit Payout, and more importantly, you’ll have your day in court and the chance to make sure Monsanto does not walk free.

Why Every Case is Important

Bankrupting a corrupt corporation, like Monsanto, is an essential step in showing the rest of the world what happens to huge companies that think they don’t have to follow the law or care about consumers. Every lawsuit represents the voice of a victim who suffered harm or damage from exposure to Monsanto’s product. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Leukemia, or any other medical condition linked to Glyphosate exposure, Your Case Worth can help you seek restitution for the harm caused by Monsanto. The window of opportunity is small- make sure you seek compensation before Monsanto’s money runs out.

Roundup Class Action Lawsuit Payout

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